It’s Cold. Head Colds.

PC Jeff Fisher

It finally feels and looks like winter in Bellingham! February 2nd and we finally got to see our first frosting of snow in town. It’s cold enough that the white stuff is sticking around for a couple of days and causing me to wear Colorado layers to get out for a run.

Ironically, or not so, everyone I know is fighting a head cold. I typically get to avoid these winter bugs because I don’t spend time in an office or forced to intermingle with germs. But a quick airport trip now and again puts me in the throws of it and fight as I may, I’ve got the Kleenex box close as I write.

My game plan to beat a cold when it’s cold.

  • When I feel symptoms at or above the throat I’ll still run – my idea is to blow it out.
    • I am careful to keep warm, wear extra layers and wrap my neck and head in a couple of Buffs.
    • I plan so I can shower IMMEDIATELY after with the visualization of rinsing off the cold’s germs as well as not wasting time between finishing the run and the warm water to lose body heat. Fear grips of the wet sports bra!
    • I hydrate and supplement (list below) like crazy. This may just make expensive pee, but if I’m believing in it, it’s worth it!
    • I sleep as many hours as possible each night.
    • I’d like to say I nap, but my busy brain likes to motor through the day and I don’t typically make the time.
  • If it slips into my lungs or taps my energy, or the stuff leaving my body is green or otherwise grossly colored, then I stay inside, reduce my activity and try to give my immune system all of the energy to beat the bug by continuing to hydrate, rest and supplement.
    • This might get me to nap. If I can’t be running I try to use that time I’d typically set aside to heal. Mindset: If I have a cold, or an injury… what can I do with that time to get me back to running sooner?

Supplement List:

Everyone has their go-to and I have found that it is good to mix up your mode of attack especially when using homeopathic remedies. Good to keep you immune system supported and the bug guessing! If I can start on a regime as soon as I think I’ve been exposed, or feel the very first symptoms, or best yet in anticipation of exposure (travel) I have definitely avoided and lessened symptoms.

Winter miles. PC Jeff Fisher

The top 8 items on this list have been my go-to system in addition to excessive hydration including steamy mugs of Flora Health Cold Stop Tea to beat back the symptoms on this recent head cold. The rest are suggestions from an Instagram Story I did. I think it is good to keep a list and tune in to which ones are helpful.

I wish you the best in staying healthy through the rest of “cold” season. And get out and enjoy the snow* as often as you can.

* side note: I actually am not a fan of the snow, but PD pup is ecstatic about it and makes me like it a little more each year.

**Feature photo by Jeff Fisher

Krissy Moehl

Krissy Moehl

Krissy Moehl is an ultramarathon runner, coach, author, public speaker and race director. In her 15-year career, she has run more than 100 races. She has 55 female wins and 2 outright wins. Moehl blogs about her running at and hails from the Pacific Northwest. Her book, Running Your First Ultra launched in December 2015.

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1 thought on “It’s Cold. Head Colds.”

  1. My go to the minute I feel out of sorts is the Wellness Formula. I dont hesitate to take those capsules as soon as I feel anything other than normal just a little bit. I have been using it for years and swear it works! Living in the colder and snowier east side of the great Northwest and working at a university with lots of nursing students I am at pretty high risk this time of year. So far I have avoided any illness (knock on wood) this winter despite flying to San Antonio in January.

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