Trail Sisters is a women’s trail running community and online journal. In addition to the journal, we host women’s discussion panels, award the Trail Sisters Adventure Grants, host Women’s Run With Her Trail Running Retreats and more. Join our community and experience the camaraderie of an awesome group of empowered women making change.

Trail Sisters Story

Trail Sisters Founder, Gina Lucrezi, noticed the lack of emphasis and resources directed towards the women in outdoor sports. Through many discussions with brand leaders, she was told that without more participation by women, they were not likely to change their marketing or product strategies.

Gina’s response was to create a media platform to encourage and educate women about the outdoors. “If participation numbers are to grow, we need to welcome women with opportunity and promote camaraderie. They need to understand the outdoors are a place for them too.”

While juggling contract jobs to pay the bills, Gina would spend most of her free time driving TrailSisters.net and its social avenues. The endless hours and hard work were paying off, as the response and eagerness of women wanting to be involved grew rapidly.

The Trail Sisters platform quickly evolved from digital mediums only, to a growing community championed by women who are ambassadors to the outdoors, and for women’s opportunity in sport. These Trail Sisters are found across the USA and abroad, in the suburbs and in the cities.

Gina now spreads the Trail Sisters mission through the online journal, social media outlets, Facebook Community Groups, podcasts, speaking engagements, and community events.

If you’d like to show your support for Trail Sisters, share an article with a friend, introduce them to TrailSisters.net, or purchase a piece of Trail Sisters brand gear. Your support helps to fund the inner workings of the site, and to help grow the community.

Trail Sisters Contributors

Allison Keltner

San Diego, California

Kristine Chew

Erin Brown

Richmond, Virginia

Patricia Burgess

Kimberly Ann

Mary Coté

Kansas City, Missouri