Maddie Giegold

Maddie Giegold

Maddie is a squinty, mountain-loving lady who hails from the flat Midwest. She started off as a swimmer who hated running, but she changed her mind when she discovered that she could use running to explore her favorite travel destinations in the West and abroad. Currently residing in Atlanta, she sometimes neglects her school duties by escaping to the mountains of North Georgia. It was there that she grew her love for gnarly trails and no switchbacks, and where she ran her first ultramarathon. She can be found frolicking in the woods looking for broad views and big sky, cycling around the city, or cuddling her two feline babies, always with an ice cream in hand.
Trail Sisters Atlanta

Baby Steps

The last week of 2018 was a week of firsts. On Sunday, I went for a four and half mile run. It was the longest run in more than twice as many months.


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Where to Run in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta is a funny city – sprawling, full of life, and surprisingly green, you often find yourself wishing you were beating the incredible