Take A Bet On Yourself

In 2017 my partner Justin and I decided to pack our apartment into a storage unit, and instead, reside in a Ram ProMaster van with the intent to tour the USA. Part of this trip was for sheer [...]

Who is Darcy Piceu?

I met Darcy Piceu 4 years ago, shortly after I moved to Boulder, Colorado, but had heard of her long before. She was one of the top ultra trail runners in the sport, making the podium (usually in [...]

Gray Logo (SM)

Who doesn’t love slipping into a super soft tee after a long workout on the trails? Comfort is king, and sporting a rad Trail Sisters logo doesn’t hurt either 😉 Original Logo Design. V-neck. [...]

Camo Mark

When isn’t it a good time to rock a trucker hat?! Show your Trail Sisters pride on the trail, at the coffee shop, running errands, or when you haven’t had time to wash your hair after a long run ;)

Force of Nature

Sponsored by REI Co-op. Unstoppable, persistent, strong, and undeniable. These are the words I think of when I hear the phrase “force of nature.” I envision a powerful current of water ripping [...]

Making It Happen

I was driving home from the post office after shipping a Trail Sisters package to North Bend, Oregon when the song Jump (For My Love) by The Pointer Sisters came on the radio. This familiar beat [...]