Gina Lucrezi

Author: Gina Lucrezi

Gina has always been stubborn and bold, so when it came to advocating for women’s rights and equality in the outdoors, she was bound to make some changes. As the founder of Trail Sisters, Gina’s goal is to help create opportunities and grow participation in women’s trail running. Gina is also a professional ultra trail runner, and when she’s not on the trails logging miles, she’s most likely trying to potty train her new Airedale pup, Ezra.


Moxie the mountain lion logo

Introducing: Moxie the Mountain Lion

It’s just about Trail Sisters three year anniversary, and with much time listening and learning, we’ve finally decided on what we believe is the best representation for our community…meet Moxie the Mountain Lion.

Darcy Andorra

Female Running Coach Directory

Today we are really excited to introduce a new addition to the site. It was spearheaded by TSer Sandi Nypaver, an avid trail runner and pursuer


Faith and Foolish Notions

I spend a lot of time doing many things, like pecking away on a keyboard, listening to Taylor Swift, trying to get cuddles from my


Fall Trail Shoe Round Up

Admit it, trail running is a great sport, but your experience is generally determined by the gear you use. Though apparel, hydration, nutrition and electronics


Support Trail Sisters on Patreon!

My Dearest TS Family, I want to share a personal note about why Trail Sisters has decided to jump on board with Patreon, I’m sure


Nutrition Round Up – Fuel to Keep you Cruising

[vc_row][vc_column][mk_image src=”https://trail-sisters-dev-site.local/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/057_gu-final-selects_mtrappe_r5i0429-e1531881950191.jpg” image_size=”Post Width”][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1533434659220{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”] Many attribute time on feet to being the most important part of training, but I’d argue that correct


Take A Bet On Yourself

In 2017 my partner Justin and I decided to pack our apartment into a storage unit, and instead, reside in a Ram ProMaster van with


Taking Action on Sexual Harassment

Today’s article is not focused on trail running. Today’s article is for women being sexually harassed. As a woman, a community member, and a victim


How to Fit Your Hydration Vest

A few weeks ago I received an Ask The Trail Sisters submission regarding: how do I correctly fit my hydration vest? This is a very


Who is Darcy Piceu?

I met Darcy Piceu 4 years ago, shortly after I moved to Boulder, Colorado, but had heard of her long before. She was one of


The Ultimate Trail Running Road Trip

As a big believer in actions over words, I decided that an online journal wasn’t enough to help spread the inspiration and education about women’s