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It’s 2017, and the demand for equality is getting louder: equal standards, equal opportunity, equal pay, equal respect. Shouldn’t this include trail and ultrarunning athletes as well?

As an advocate for women in our sport, I have become curious to learn and compare differences between female and male top-level trail runner/ultrarunner compensation/benefits. I decided to conduct a survey to find out about women’s versus men’s elite athlete compensation and contractual standards to see if there are gender-based differences and, if there are, to create conversation and action around community expectations and company practice.

The survey results and analysis are published on iRunFar, article titled:  Women’s Versus Men’s Pay in Trail and Ultrarunning . I wanted to make sure the Trail Sisters audience had a chance to read it, thus I’m sharing this note.

As a community, we all play a role in determining what we want out of the sport, and how it is interpreted by society and businesses.

Take a moment to read the survey and analysis, and please share your comments and opinions (they are super important).

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