Women’s Trail & Ultra Running Films

One of the most motivating mediums is through film. They provide you with a way to see, hear and connect. Whether it be inspiration or the ability to relate, this library of women’s running films will have you feeling empowered.

A special thanks to Trail Sister Silke Koester for rounding up the films, and also to all the film makers who share these women’s stories.  If you know of a film that should be added to the library, let us know!

Now grab some popcorn and prepare to be inspired, and then promptly lace up your shoes for a run!

Into the Light
Emelie Forsberg (Salomon TV)

Dream Trip Nepal
Mira Rai (Salomon TV)

The Mother
Kasie Enman (Salomon TV)

The Teacher
Stevie Kremer (Salomon TV)

Paradise Lost
Anna Frost (Salomon TV)

Western Time
Sally McRae (Billy Yang Films)

Life in a Day : Western States 100
(Billy Yang Films)

15 Hours with Amelia Boone
(Billy Yang Films)

15 Hours with Magda Boulet
(Billy Yang Films)

15 Hours with Ann Trason
(Billy Yang Films)

These days, there is a lot of conversation about systemic change to promote the growth of women in trail and ultra running. While the conversation definitely needs to be had, as someone who creates media in our sport, I look more towards the root and opportunity for real growth by shining a light on the stories of inspirational, badass athletes to show the younger female generation worthy women to aspire to become, and even exceed some day.  – Billy Yang

Running with the Belles
(Michelle Smith)

Flock to the Finish
Devon Yanko (Wondercamp)

Today I Have the Power
(Jordan Baker)

Run Forever
Nikki Spinks (Inov8)

Courtney Dauwalter
(Dream Lens Media)

Women Who Fly
Devon Yanko (Hoka One One)

Women Who Fly
Shirin Gerami (Hoka One One)

Women Who Fly
Catra Corbett (Hoka One One)

Running on Empty
Rory Bosio (The North Face)

Live More Now
Gina Lucrezi (Buff USA)

Women Who Fly
Devon Yanko (Hoka One One)

Women Who Fly
Shirin Gerami (Hoka One One)

Women Who Fly
Catra Corbett (Hoka One One)

100 Miles High | Darcy Piceu and the 2013 Hardrock Ultra Marathon
Darcy Piceu (Hoka One One)

Changing Course
Clare Gallagher (REI)

Hillary Allen (The North Face)

The Mirnavator
Mirna Valerio (REI)

And So She Flew… a Women’s Trail Running Video
(Sandi Nypaver & Sage Canaday)

Ultra Angela 
Angela Shartel (Chris Burton)

Additional Videos:

Outside Voices featuring Jen Shelton (Joel Wolpert)

Finding Traction featuring Nikki Nimball (Jamie Jacobsen)

Facing Infinitus : Helene Dumais

Running for GoodFiona Oakes (James Cromwell)

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