This Race Means Nothing

“I hope you know, this race time doesn’t mean anything!” These words were spat at the volunteers at the finish line of a trail race by the irate family member of a runner still out on the course. [...]

Tips for Crewing an Ultra

We often read race reports from runners to glean some insight into their training, race prep and race execution. These reports usually include a shout out to their awesome support crew. However, [...]

Adaptability in Training

Let’s be frank here. You’re training for a race, whether it’s an ‘A’ race or a stepping stone to a bigger goal. Maybe you are the type who follows a set training schedule, or maybe you just have [...]

Run Your Own Race

It’s always easy to think about running your own race, but much harder to do when you are in the middle of it.  It’s exciting to see the energy of athletes as they gather around the starting [...]

Pre-Race Jitters

“I wish I had another two weeks to train. Then I’d feel ready,” Nedis said to me one week before her first 100k event. She admitted the thought of running her farthest distance to date was nerve [...]