Lessons From My First 100 Miler

I went into my first 100 miler thinking I knew what I was doing, how things were (sorta) gonna go, what things I was going to struggle with. It was one badass 100 miler, and it taught me more [...]

Tips for Crewing an Ultra

We often read race reports from runners to glean some insight into their training, race prep and race execution. These reports usually include a shout out to their awesome support crew. However, [...]

Run Your Own Race

It’s always easy to think about running your own race, but much harder to do when you are in the middle of it.  It’s exciting to see the energy of athletes as they gather around the starting [...]

Ask the TS: What’s your favorite 50k?

What is a good 50k race for a newbie ultra trail runner, and why? (featured image courtesy of Chuckanut 50k) Katelynn: Finger Lakes Fifties 50k is a fantastic first ultra! It takes place the [...]