Just Not Right Now

In case you were wondering…you’re basically an amazing human + you have some mad skills out there on the trails. You also really enjoy the time you get to spend in nature + love the tingly [...]

Running Into Me

Focus. Just focus. I’ve said it to myself countless times during a race–slowly and calmly–before the voice digresses further. Maybe you should just slow down now. Why do you want to [...]

Motivation on the Move

It’s finally summer! Those of us tied to our homes because of school schedules or wintery weather or the short daylight hours are finally free! It is time…to get up + get out. There’s [...]

Emotional Pollution

I’ve mentioned before that running is a time of meditation and centering for me, and I believe that to be true of many of us. Even when we choose to run in a group, we’ve usually chosen that [...]

Worst Friend To Run With

I’ve had this friend since junior high. We’ve been through quite a bit together, for better or worse, so when I decided to take up running, I knew she’d be down for the occasional jaunt. Friends [...]

Nature’s Medicine

Are there more benefits to trail-running verses road–running? That is the question.  Whether you’re a veteran of the trail, or you’ve just gotten the first few trail runs under your belt, [...]

Running Built My Family

My husband likes to say “everything happens for a reason.” I like to imagine punching him in the face, because that saying is the LEAST HELPFUL THING EVER when times are weird. I don’t say [...]

Stranger Saviour

The story of three independent women saved by a couple of Johns “I’m pretty sure he’s here to kill us.” Both Ashley and Sara confessed to being certain about the silver-haired man’s spurious [...]