Secret Adventures

When living in New York City I knew precisely two people who had run an ultra marathon, and I thought both of them were crazy for doing it. Heck, I thought of myself as crazy for running [...]

The Cost of Admission

Working at a conference this spring, I said to the man in the elevator at the swanky Vegas hotel, “You’ve got quite a physique.” He was so exquisitely sculpted and muscled in his skinny [...]

Post Race Depression

The weather outside mirrored my mood, it was grey, gloomy and miserable, spring was no where in sight. I had just recently returned home from a multi stage race in Vietnam. Last week I had been [...]

Failing Up

Recently, Tracee Ellis-Ross interviewed Michelle Obama, and there was a moment during the interview that gave me pause. More pause and more gratitude. I came back to it again and again because [...]


With the dawn of a new year, many are frantically trying to keep track of supposed new year resolutions, vowing to make 2018 the best yet. So I challenge you, perhaps don’t resolve to change [...]