The 11th Essential

Water? Check. Emergency blanket? Check. Headlamp? Check. Snacks? You bet. Tampax? Oh, heck yes. It all started at a campsite just outside Mt. Rainier.         “Tampons are good fire starters.” [...]

Focused Running

Throw on your clothes, grab a swig of water, tie up your shoes, and you’re off for a run! It’s simple, no thinking involved, just you, your body, and your mind on a trail. The freedom of being [...]

The Choice

One line.  Like last month, I’m equal parts disappointed and relieved.  On one hand, I wanted to get on with it.  On the other, I’m excited to crack a beer and plot tomorrow’s [...]


Sometime this fall I hit rock-bottom. I was scraping the barrel of fitness on a sunny weekend trail run, with my heart gurgle-beating in my chest like it had sprung a leak from trying so hard. My [...]

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