Trail Sisters Local GroupIowa City, Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa

This group was created to foster a welcoming, fun, and encouraging environment and community that inspires women to run trails.

The current plan (meaning it can be changed if it doesn’t seem to work well with schedules) is to have one group run per week on Thursdays. We’ll alternate between 5:30am runs at Hickory Hill in IC and 5:30pm runs in Woodpecker in Coralville. There will be FB events for the runs with more specific information. Make sure to check it in case plans change!

These are “no lady left behind” runs so please do not worry about speed. The goal is not to see how fast we can run.

It’s about getting out on the trails with kickass gals. Know someone who’d be interested? Invite her! The more the merrier.

Also, please feel free to use this group to coordinate other runs!

Happy trails

Required before participating.


Kelly Teeselink

Kelly Teeselink

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