Local Trail Running Groups

Trail Sisters is happy to announce the opportunity for women to join or create their own Trail Sisters Trail Running Groups. We want to help break down the barriers that may be preventing you from getting out on the trail, and we are hopeful that these local women’s only groups will do the trick.

All groups will be a bit different, as each leader has their own style, but a few things you can expect from all these groups are:
  1. No Drop Runs – Runners regroup at select pit stops along the route.
  2. Beginner Friendly – All groups will have a short course, keeping things approachable.
  3. Inclusive Women’s Only – Any and every woman and any and every pace is invited.
  4. Friendship and Camaraderie – Besides sharing miles, you will also have the opportunity to make new friendships and build support for one another.
There is no cost to join or run with a group, but you will need to sign a release of liability waiver before participating. No signed waiver, no participating in the official Trail Sisters group run. Group leaders will have printed copies on hand for you to sign, but it’s easiest if you download, print, sign and take with you! (we will offer online digital signatures soon!)



Auburn, California
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Boston, Massachusetts
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Jacksonville, Florida
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Nashville, Tennessee
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Okotoks, Alberta
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Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
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Portland, Maine
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Portmouth, New Hampshire
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San Jose, California
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Santa Cruz, California
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Washington, DC
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Worcester, Massachusetts
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Springfield, Missouri
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Buffalo, New York
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Iowa City, Iowa
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Lakewood, CO
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Olympia, WA
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If you’d like to start your own Trail Sisters Trail Running Group, email [email protected] for more info.
Only Trail Sisters authorized groups may use the logo and Trail Sisters name.

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