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Outdoor Women’s Alliance – Grassroots Program Crowdfunding Campaign

by the Outdoor Women’s Alliance (OWA)       We believe that outdoor adventure teaches us to boldly face our fears, push past self-doubt, and become strong, self-sufficient individuals. Since...
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Giving Back to the Trails

Trails. They’re what we’re all here for…because trails exist + we love them with our pinky puffy hearts. We run them. We hike them. We camp next to them. We...
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Taking Steps to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

by Lynne Petre We live in a culture that expects us to upgrade to the next iPhone as soon as its released, suggests we need to drive to work every...
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Trail Karma

There are many things in this world that I do [+ do not] believe in. At some point in our lives I think we all find solace in our belief...

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Protecting Our Playgrounds: Leave No Trace Practices for Trail Runners

As a backcountry user it’s important to not only understand, but also practice these principles in order to keep our wilderness experience enjoyable for everyone. 

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