Nearly 3 months ago my life almost ended. It was a moment I could neither predict or correct, but that singular moment changed the trajectory of my life. Some days I look back in anger on the [...]

Just Not Right Now

In case you were wondering…you’re basically an amazing human + you have some mad skills out there on the trails. You also really enjoy the time you get to spend in nature + love the tingly [...]

My Intro to Trail Running

“So, I just go down the street for two miles, and I’ll really just bump into a trailhead?” I asked my trail runner hubby, Bryce. “Yeah, you can’t miss it.  Take the trail all the way down [...]

The Change We Cannot See

I’ve long said that a change in perspective can do more for my mood and gratitude than any material object. I go to the woods to shift perspective often. Sometimes, I’m feeling bogged down by [...]

Motivation on the Move

It’s finally summer! Those of us tied to our homes because of school schedules or wintery weather or the short daylight hours are finally free! It is time…to get up + get out. There’s [...]

A Woman’s Place

This January, my husband and I moved from Los Angeles to a town without a stoplight.  But this isn’t your typical city-hater, middle finger to corporate America story. As a woman who “did it [...]

Adaptability in Training

Let’s be frank here. You’re training for a race, whether it’s an ‘A’ race or a stepping stone to a bigger goal. Maybe you are the type who follows a set training schedule, or maybe you just have [...]

Stranger Saviour

The story of three independent women saved by a couple of Johns “I’m pretty sure he’s here to kill us.” Both Ashley and Sara confessed to being certain about the silver-haired man’s spurious [...]