Tara Warren

Tara Warren

Tara Warren is a mountain runner living in Ogden, Utah with her ultra runner hubby and three crazy boys. She finds freedom running along the dirt ribbons in her area. Running has been a hobby of hers since the early 90’s. In the last two years she has begun to dabble into the trail and ultra running scene. For Tara, it’s not all about being the fastest, but learning more about herself during the journey and having fun in the wilderness.

Talkin’ Traction

Winter is on its way, and the elements have already arrived for some. Rather than hibernate through the season, let me give you some ideas on winter traction that will hopefully motivate you to get out there and roam around before the spring buds begin blooming.

Out of This World

I had a dream the other night that my friend and I were running on just a normal route around the trails in the early

My Intro to Trail Running

“So, I just go down the street for two miles, and I’ll really just bump into a trailhead?” I asked my trail runner hubby, Bryce.

Where to Run in Ogden, Utah

Ogden, Utah! Hey guys. You may have heard of my little mountain town before… Ogden, Utah? It’s about 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City


Dirt Ribbon Lessons

“Mom, do we HAVE to keep going,” eight year old Erik whined. Our little nature walk/hike this day was purely selfish on my part as


Strength and Love From the Trail

Although her death was certain, nothing quite prepares you for the void of loss. It’s been an emotion struggle; most of which I deal with privately. And when I can’t seem to get my crap together, I run. There has been no greater healer, for me, than to take my emotions to the trails for mountain therapy.

Running Like a Mother

I have three rowdy, spicy boys; 16, 8 and almost 5. They are my world and keep me busy and hopefully a little young at heart. We live in the mountainside town of Ogden, Utah where my ultra runner hubby was born and raised (I happen to be from SC.). We are an active family that at times let things slide such as grocery shopping, landscaping or maybe getting our dog groomed. Most days we don’t stop until our sleepy heads hit our pillows, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.