Stephanie Imig

Stephanie Imig

Steph Imig is a parent, partner, teacher, writer, vegan cook and trail adventurer from Portland, OR. She is committed to creating the world she wants to live in, one step at a time.
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Finding Common Ground

Culturally, we like to talk about bridging divides and embracing differences, but let’s be honest; much of our lives are often spent with people much

Stranger Saviour

The story of three independent women saved by a couple of Johns “I’m pretty sure he’s here to kill us.” Both Ashley and Sara confessed

Failure is Success

To what extent does our past define us? Do our memories tell a story with a consistent plot line, or are there inexplicable leaps, twists


No Justification Needed: I Run

Some practices are so fundamental to who we are that we forget that they are not actually rooted in our DNA. Running is like that


Continued Discussion: She’s Asking For It

Surprise. Shock. Anger—the chain of emotions I predictably experience when ignorant stereotypes soar through the air. During a recent discussion of safety at a Trail