Sandi Nypaver

Sandi Nypaver

Sandi is a MUT runner currently residing in the mountains of Colorado. She’s a running coach and one of the co-founders of She has won races ranging from a 5 mile road race to 100 mile mountain ultra. When she’s not running you can find her reading, rollerblading, following curiosity, or rolled up in trying to make another crazy idea come to life.

What We Owe Each Other

Parts of this past week were total sh** and completely out of my control as what at first sounded like a bad possibility turned into

An Ode to Women Who Own It

I have heard you. Not only have I heard you, but I have let your words and actions sink into my brain and then into


To Strive Together

There she was! Finally! After recklessly bombing down from 13,000 feet back to 9,000 feet, I was closing in on the 3rd place woman. I

Courage Keeps Us Moving Forward

Why 2016 was a great year in women’s trail running and how 2017 can be even better. “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.”


The Critique of the Female Trail Runner

“She’s way too thin!”
“She needs to wear more clothes. She only does that for attention.”
“You don’t fit the image we’re looking for.”
“That tattoo is a tramp stamp.”