Samantha Strong

Samantha Strong

Samantha is an avid trail runner and adventurer, often found frolicking in the woods in search of great views and fun downhills. An advocate for women’s health and healthy body image, Samantha is actively involved in the Lane 9 Project, a group dedicated to engaging active women and girls in a conversation about the issues of female athlete triad and body image. When she’s not adventuring, she’s writing, baking gluten-free cookies, and embracing her lack of finger strength at the local climbing gym. You can find her on Instagram @strong_sam, Twitter @StrongSam2, and Strava, or reach out via email at [email protected]

Curing Anxiety and Empty Spaces

I heaved a harsh exhale and dug my nails into my straining quads. The air was crisp, but not quite cold enough to see my

Where to Run in Washington DC

Washington DC/Arlington, VA Washington, DC is unlike any other city. Underneath the political exterior lies a city rich with history, community, and trails. While Washington