Pamela Kropf

Author: Pamela Kropf

Pam is a Tahoe loving Jersey Girl. She moved from the east coast right out of college and has been running all over Northern California ever since. A mother of two, Pam is constantly seeking the balance between being a working mom, a soccer mom, an avid mountain biker’s wife and an ultra runner. If she isn’t eating mountains for breakfast, she’s cooking and sharing the love of being a plant-based athlete to anyone who wants to make the transition. Plant-based for over 24 years, Pam is a Certified Food for Life Instructor, a graduate of Cornell’s Plant-Based Certification program and Rouxbe’s Plant-Based Professional Chef Program. Amazingly, she does find time to sleep. Running trails and single tracks with her Wolfpack is what keeps her sane and grounded.



Animal Instinct

Bombing the downhill on a crisp fall day, enjoying the smell and the sound of the leaves crunching under my feet. I round the corner