Monique Seitz-Davis

Monique Seitz-Davis

More commonly known as Moe, Monique Seitz-Davis lives, plays, and runs in and around Salt Lake City, UT. When she’s not farting around the trails, you can find her practicing bird calls, lounging around with her ball python, or rabble-rousing with her three dogs — Gunner Marie, Pearl, and Lily Pig — and Forever Manpanion.

How to Choose a Hike

I don’t know about any of you, but whenever I’m posed with choosing a show or movie to watch on Netflix, Hulu, or whatever of the like, I get so stinking overwhelmed. I just scroll and scroll and scroll. Everything seems interesting enough and yet, nothing looks interesting at the same time.

To All the Hills I’ve Ever Loved

We all have certain hills that are forever burned in our memory — ones we’ve revisited, ones that we share with others, ones that incite laughter at the very thought, ones that make us a little sad, and ones that gently remind you to stay true to yourself — and those memories help define our trail running experience.

Mo and family

Feeling All the Feelings

On my desk I have a picture of my Stepmom, Dad and me. The photo sits in a tan, heart-shaped frame with trees, stars and

On Being a Beginner…Again

I was 12 years old and going through a lot of stuff. My dad, a longtime runner, saw and seized upon the opportunity to introduce me to running as a thoughtful, therapeutic tool—one that he hoped I would keep in my back pocket for a lifetime. I, feeling ‘meh’ about the whole thing, acquiesced without much thought.


Running with the Red Badge of Courage

Periods: they’re historical, physical, and emotional roller coasters that, as women, we’re taught to hide. Consequently, the menstrual cycle goes by many alternative names: Aunt