Melissa Koch

Melissa Koch

Melissa Koch resides in Tucson AZ and considers herself a mediocre trail runner. However, she continues to advance for the joy of the experience and the peanut butter banana sandwich at the end. She has an MS in counseling with an emphasis in addiction and is a certified wilderness first responder and personal trainer. She currently works as a residential therapist at an inpatient facility helping people to help themselves. Her other love besides trail running is vegetable gardening and her three crazy shelter dogs.

Finding Support in Your Local Community by Overcoming Intimidation

I had never been a runner, per se, although I wished many times I was. I read Born to Run, Eat and Run, and Finding Ultra. These stories had left me with visions of long-distance runs over trails, effortlessly breathing in striking landscapes with my twinkle toes delicately touching down and springing up again.

Where to Run in Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona With a wealth of trails through mountains and desert, Southern Arizona is an outdoor-lover’s paradise with year-round running opportunities within the Tucson area.