Maria Dalzot

Maria Dalzot

Maria is a La Sportiva athlete, USATF National Trail Champion and multi-time US mountain team member. She is also a registered dietitian (RD) and a Washington State certified dietitian-nutritionist (CDN) with a Master of Science degree in human nutrition and food science. Maria works with people of all ages and disciplines to meet their performance and health goals.

No Time to Eat Healthy? Meal Plan!

As a Registered Dietitian, one of my career goals is to show people that eating healthfully for life doesn’t have to be confusing, complicated, or

Where to Run in Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham, Washington In 2011, I was racing in the Canadian Cross Country Championships in Vancouver, British Columbia and then 3 weeks later, I was racing

Maria’s Top 5 Pre-Race Rituals

Unfortunately, there are many variables that are beyond our control on race day. Inclement weather, stomach bugs, and eternally long porta potty lines are just

Test. Not Guess.

As a registered dietitian, I pride myself in taking care that my nutritional needs are met through my diet. I eat fish twice a week,


The Satisfaction of Spectating

It has been an atypical running year for me. Usually I average one race a month with a couple key races a year to which


Going to the Extreme: Diet Drama

We are living in a day and age of extremes − extreme violence, extreme weather, even extreme sports (the 200 mile is the new 100


The Long Run: A True Test of Marriage

I often see pictures in my Instagram feed of couples smiling at their selfie stick, stoked to have climbed to the top of a mountain hand in hand. But what you don’t see is all the blood, sweat, tears, cursing and yelling that it sometimes takes to get to that peak.

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