Korbi Thompson

Author: Korbi Thompson

Korbi is an outdoors enthusiast, at heart, 100% of the time. She grew up in rural Minnesota and found her love of running in her twenties. When she’s not on the trails, she works in digital advertising in Minneapolis, MN and spends time with her two favorites: her husband and their dog, Mya. As a seeker of new endeavors in life, she hopes to show career-driven women that it’s possible to find a fulfilling balance: It just starts with a path. It’s staring you in the face, taunting you to follow its course. It has jagged rocks, exposed roots, steep inclines, and obstacles you never see coming. But the reward. The reward is worth every bruise, every mishap, and doesn’t disappoint. You won’t always know the way, but here you are, at the trailhead of the rest of your life. GO!



Starting From Scratch

A few years ago, I accomplished something that was never a feat I had imagined as a child, teenager, or even in my early twenties.