Katelynn Wagner

Katelynn Wagner

Katelynn is a trail and ultra runner and ultra cyclist living in Ithaca, NY. She works at Cornell University and plays (runs) in the beautiful gorges of the Finger Lakes Region. She is a mother to a outdoor loving, messy haired little girl.

Distance Doesn’t Define a Runner

In trail and ultra-running, there seems to be the ever persistent pressure to always push your limits, to always go further, and to always strive

Joining a New Running Community

I never realized how much being a part of a community of runners mattered until I moved away from mine. I had always been under

Awful Conditions, Amazing Results

Ultra-running is my thing, I identify as a trail runner, my friends and family describe me as a (crazy) runner, and I honestly don’t know

Finding My Runner’s High

When people find out I pay to run 50 miles and call it fun, they usually slide my name over into the “crazy friend” column

Where to Run in Ithaca, New York

Ithaca, New York I live in Ithaca, NY. Winter in Ithaca can be downright vicious (for the East coast) with lake effect snow and negative