Kaci Lickteig

Author: Kaci Lickteig

I’m a physical therapist and dog mom of 2 from Omaha, Ne. I’m an ultra, trail, and road runner. 5x100M, 3x100K, 8x50M, 9x50K, too many marathons to count. Personal bests: 2nd at Western States 100M 2015, Olympic Trials Qualifier, 100M: 15:40:55, 100K: 8:40:45, 50M: 6:41:39, 50K: 3:37:33, Marathon: 2:44:14.



5 Tips to Manage Pre-Race Stress

That moment you stop everything look at your calendar only to notice that there are only a few days remaining until your big race. Your heart races, panic strikes, and you become full of anxiety. You ask yourself, how did the time fly by that fast…I could have swore I had a month left?!