Julie Schoenfeld Parker

Author: Julie Schoenfeld Parker

Julie is a rock climber, backcountry skier and trail runner exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Chris and dog, Chief in a converted Sprinter van. She balances her focused pursuit of climbing with her love of expectation-free running. When not dangling off the side of a cliff, she has built a decade-long career in the outdoor industry as a digital marketing expert and graphic designer.



Ode to the 13-Minute Mile

Rounding the last bend of my morning run, my stride opens up and I crush the familiar stretch of singletrack back to the car — I feel like I’m gliding. My heart is pounding, sweat dripping, and I hit the finish button on my GPS. The app spins for a few seconds, then loads the results: 12:48/mi PR. Oh Hell yeah.