Jennifer Sommer-Dirks

Jennifer Sommer-Dirks

Jen is a sports dietitian with Active Fueling, based out of Denver Colorado. Jen is passionate about helping athletes of all levels learn how to best fuel themselves, for exercise and life! Jen loves running, cycling, and skiing uphill, as well as hanging out with her “pack”-husband, doggie, and daughter!

The Race Weight Trap

As a runner, you’ve probably heard of the term “racing weight”, or the concept that we all have an ideal weight where we perform our best. You’ve probably also fallen into the trap of assuming that “racing weight” means you need to be lighter. I’m here to help you avoid that trap.

Navigating the Holidays

Although meant to be a time of joy and thanks, the holidays can be stressful for many people, and runners are no exception! This year the holidays may look different, which may bring about different types of stress.

Cold-Weather Hydrating

It’s an easy mistake to make: not hydrating enough during cold-weather runs (or other winter activities). Cold weather tends to dull our sense of thirst and water is usually less appealing in the colder months.