Jenni Hulburt

Jenni Hulburt

Jenni Hulburt, founder of WILD Wellness, is a fitness and wellness advocate who helps women take care of their health naturally, so they can live their one WILD life. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Sport Psychology, and is a top-ranked essential oil educator with doTERRA. Her mission with the WILD Wellness podcast, programs, and products is to guide women who are mindfully exploring holistic health and movement, to live more aligned with nature and in sync with their natural rhythms. Jenni teaches women who struggle to manage their energy and stress, what nature has always modeled — it’s not a sprint, but a cycle.

3 Mistakes Runners Make When Pushing Through Workouts

Do you find yourself pushing through workouts all the time? I know you’re probably addicted to the feeling that comes at the end of long runs – worn out and sweaty, but so accomplished. Except, maybe you’re not recovering as quickly, and you’re dragging yourself out of bed in the morning.

What All Women Should Know When Training for a Race

It’s so helpful to set intentions, make commitments, and look ahead towards the things you want to do! However, I’ve learned it’s also key to have a plan (but not to fall in love with the plan). What do I mean by this?

A Recipe for Confidence

I was in the middle of hill repeats and had been feeling pretty low. My motivation for running was in a slump, even though I was training for an upcoming race.

Burnout and the Myth of Balance

Lately, I’ve been running less. It’s not because I’m injured, or because I don’t want to run. It’s about balance (kind of). I actually think balance is a myth, and that there’s a different goal we can have to feel good in running and life.

Taking Risks & Doing it All

What if we couldn’t tell the difference between the perfect adventure and our every day life? It really depends on how you define “adventure,” because it could go beyond running down the trail through a pine forest, or standing on the top of a mountain after you’ve climbed for hours.