Hillary Allen

Hillary Allen

I’m Hillary Allen, a Colorado native living in Boulder, CO. I’m a science nerd at heart, when i’m not running or enjoying the outdoors I’m teaching chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology and physics at a small college outside of Boulder.

Runner’s High

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just clicks? 

The Art of the Comeback

I hate the term: “comeback.” It implies returning to something that you left – purposefully or unintentionally. The comeback has a stigma of judgement associated


Nearly 3 months ago my life almost ended. It was a moment I could neither predict or correct, but that singular moment changed the trajectory

Resting Into Greatness

Resting is recovery. Resting IS recovery. Resting is . . . well . . . it’s hard. I’m a person of routine, and running is



Strictly speaking, balance is defined as the ability to remain upright and steady due to an even distribution of weight. This is definitely applicable for


Going Past the Limit

Ultra running is a niche sport, an extreme one at that. It can take many forms as far as terrain, but the definition is simple: covering a distance more than a marathon. Covering that distance in one piece however, is not so simple…


You Don’t Look Like a Runner

Everyone kept telling me how strong I was, how hard I pushed on the uphills, that I was a machine. Then one of the local runners had a question for me…


A Mindful Reminder

…I needed a sport where I could let go of expectations and let my mind wander. I wanted be playful again.