Helen Galerakis

Helen Galerakis

Helen is Greek British, lives in Flagstaff, Arizona and is an ultra runner. She only started running at the age of 39, discovering her passion for the outdoors late in life after she left the Corporate World of 22 years to pursue a journey of self discovery. Helen recently set the Women’s record for the (supported) Fastest Known Time on the 800 mile Arizona Trail.

The Importance of Planning Your Recovery

It’s two and a half months since I ran 800 miles and set the supported Fastest Known Time (FKT) for women on the Arizona Trail (AZT) and today is the day that I completed my first long-ish run since then. It’s been a long and tortuous road to get to this point.

Determination and the Arizona Trail FKT

I’m on the Hi-line trail, an oasis high up in the middle of the mountain, surrounded by red rock. I had just hiked through a wonderland, someplace you would find only in your imagination, a magical place.