This Race Means Nothing

“I hope you know, this race time doesn’t mean anything!” These words were spat at the volunteers at the finish line of a trail race by the irate family member of a runner still out on the course. [...]

Just Not Right Now

In case you were wondering…you’re basically an amazing human + you have some mad skills out there on the trails. You also really enjoy the time you get to spend in nature + love the tingly [...]

Motivation on the Move

It’s finally summer! Those of us tied to our homes because of school schedules or wintery weather or the short daylight hours are finally free! It is time…to get up + get out. There’s [...]

Re-Discover Running

There are handful of reasons to back away from running with a strict schedule or specific goals in mind. An injury may have you sidelined, or life has gotten in the way or another sport has [...]

Trail Karma

There are many things in this world that I do [+ do not] believe in. At some point in our lives I think we all find solace in our belief in a higher power with bigger, better + stronger than [...]

Owning Your Headspace

When I first started running trails + ultras I heard a lot of advice about “don’t get in a bad headspace” which I understood to mean “keep your head in the game”. On the surface this seems [...]