The Ethos of Running

On my college track team we had an athlete who was naturally gifted. She almost always placed well in her event, bringing points that were at times critical to our wins. It required very little [...]

Dark Side of the Run

I love running in the dark. This love has further blossomed now that I live in the southwest, and dark running is no longer synonymous with short, freezing, winter days.  There’s something [...]

The Trail Grit in My Shoe

It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out; it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.” ―Robert W. Service Recently I’ve had two separate experiences that I think many other women in [...]

Spartan vs. Ultra

Part 2   If you missed Par 1, click here. by Deserae Clarke In my last post I talked about the differences between my two favorite athletic events, Spartan races and ultra trail races.  [...]

Spartan vs. Ultra

The Spartan Ultra-Runner: Part 1 I’ve always been one to look for a challenge.  There’s just something I find enjoyable about setting up a difficult goal, and then planning and working hard to [...]

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