Lessons From My First 100 Miler

I went into my first 100 miler thinking I knew what I was doing, how things were (sorta) gonna go, what things I was going to struggle with. It was one badass 100 miler, and it taught me more [...]

Spartan vs. Ultra

Part 2   If you missed Par 1, click here. by Deserae Clarke In my last post I talked about the differences between my two favorite athletic events, Spartan races and ultra trail races.  [...]

Spartan vs. Ultra

The Spartan Ultra-Runner: Part 1 I’ve always been one to look for a challenge.  There’s just something I find enjoyable about setting up a difficult goal, and then planning and working hard to [...]

Mothering an Active Family

It’s a little after 5 am and I’m part way into my first set of burpees.  As I go down into my push-up, I watch a dust bunny scutter further back into the space between the bookshelf and the tub [...]