Candace Gonzales

Candace Gonzales

Candace was born in Wyoming but moved to Colorado as a teenager. She works in criminal defense and considers the work she does as righteous. Candace loves spending time with her husband, family and friends. You can find Candace running the Clear Creek Trail or discovering a new dirt trail in the Colorado Mountains. When Candace is not running she is writing poetry. Candace recently started writing poetry about her running experiences and although her trail name is Tough Cookie, she has been called the Running Poet after sharing a poem with author and runner Katie Arnold.


During the last mile of the last trail race I ran, several large boulders on the trail required strategy to get over them. When I approached the first boulder, my thoughts were, how am I going to get over this huge boulder? Why are there all these huge boulders on the trail? Will I get off course to get over these boulders?

Conquering Fears of Running in the Dark

When I started trail running I never entertained the idea of running at night. Why would one run at night? To begin with, there are so many things that go bump in the night, and running at night seems like a perfect opportunity to bump into one of those things.

A Miscarriage and a New Life

In 2017, my husband and I had been married for 4 years. We never thought we wanted children, but something happened that year and we decided to go for it. Within a month of stopping birth control, I became pregnant.

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