Calling It a Day

For the first time in my ultramarathon career I had to do something that I’d never done before. I stopped racing an event for the sake of my child. This may come as a complete surprise to some of [...]

Run Your Own Race

It’s always easy to think about running your own race, but much harder to do when you are in the middle of it.  It’s exciting to see the energy of athletes as they gather around the starting [...]

Pre-Race Jitters

“I wish I had another two weeks to train. Then I’d feel ready,” Nedis said to me one week before her first 100k event. She admitted the thought of running her farthest distance to date was nerve [...]

Age Defying

While I could very well focus solely on young elites, I actually enjoy working with women who are in the 40+ category. I find they are often more disciplined, committed, goal oriented, focused [...]

Knowing Your Limits

You see, training is not just about going out every day and putting in the miles or following a recipe for weight loss. It’s not subscribing to an exercise program that you find in the current [...]