Bree Lambert

Bree Lambert

Bree Lambert is an Ultrarunner living in the Silicon Valley, CA. She has been competing in endurance athletics for more than 25 years. Bree is the founder of Live Well. Finish Strong Performance Coaching and Training. Bree has dedicated her life in sharing her knowledge and professional experience to improving health, wellness and fitness to others.

When to Hire A Running Coach

Running seems like easiest sport on the planet. You learned how to do it when you were about two years old and you’ve been practicing

Calling It a Day

For the first time in my ultramarathon career I had to do something that I’d never done before. I stopped racing an event for the

Run Your Own Race

It’s always easy to think about running your own race, but much harder to do when you are in the middle of it.  It’s exciting

Pre-Race Jitters

“I wish I had another two weeks to train. Then I’d feel ready,” Nedis said to me one week before her first 100k event. She


When to Run and When to Rest

I always marvel at those runners who are able to race back to back events. Part of me wishes I could do that. The reality is there are few athletes than can get away with that kind of schedule. 

For those of us who are living a more common life with family, jobs, and other duties, it takes careful planning to find that balance between training and competing. Even then I meet several athletes who just don’t seem to know when to race and when to rest. 


Age Defying

While I could very well focus solely on young elites, I actually enjoy working with women who are in the 40+ category. I find they are often more disciplined, committed, goal oriented, focused and willing to do the hard work to improve their performance.  I asked some of my top performers to share their views on how they feel about aging and performance.


Knowing Your Limits

You see, training is not just about going out every day and putting in the miles or following a recipe for weight loss. It’s not subscribing to an exercise program that you find in the current edition of Women’s Health Magazine. It’s about knowing your limits.


Beyond Motivation

Have you ever DNF’d a race? That’s the acronym for Did Not Finish. It’s that moment during your race when something inside your head says, I am done…