Running Into Me

Focus. Just focus. I’ve said it to myself countless times during a race–slowly and calmly–before the voice digresses further. Maybe you should just slow down now. Why do you want to [...]


I hope we can all agree on the importance of honesty or, in yogic terms, satya (truthfulness) in how we live our lives. As we usher in a new year, many of us may also be thinking about this in [...]

Not Everyone Runs

For many of us, running is a top priority, a passion we often shape other aspects of our day around. This is easy if we’re surrounded by other like-minded runners. I’ve written page after page [...]


Austin and I moved from Boulder, CO, to Asheville, NC, in late spring this year. We were ready to leave and Appalachia called us. To be honest, I’m still not exactly sure why. … But when people [...]

Reality Check

I’m the first to play “Devil’s advocate” to, well, just about everything. To me, no concept is worth exploring without exploring all sides. So, naturally, when Pokemon Go grew almost [...]

Time To Move On

Ultrarunning just sort of happened to me. It showed up at a time when my life felt confusing and scary and difficult. It showed up at time when I needed simplicity and quiet … when I needed [...]

Defining Success

...I changed my perspective of success that day. I realized that I don’t have to run for anyone or in any particular brand of clothing to be a good runner, to be successful. I learned that to [...]