Anna Frost

Author: Anna Frost

Anna is a professional mountain, trail and ultra runner who has 13+ years of experience running all sorts of races from VK’s (Vertical Kilometers) to 100 miles and adventuring in/on mountains including fastpacking, biking and adventure racing. Finding ourselves in the outdoors, getting close to nature, and searching for our own personal summits by removing all barriers is what is important to Anna. Anna shares her passion for travel, adventure, yoga, cultural immersion and personal growth through Trail Run Adventures, a series of destination-based trail running adventure camps she hosts with her husband. When not exploring, Anna splits her time between Durango, Colorado and her homeland New Zealand. Anna is a proud ambassador for SisuGirls, an empowerment project to get girls outside to reach their potential.



It was Never About the Racing

It was never about the racing. It was so much more than that. I was intrigued. Intrigued to explore more of nature, of cultures, to