Aneta Zeppettella

Aneta Zeppettella

Aneta (Nettie) Zeppettella grew up in Poland, but has been calling Ohio home for almost two decades. Nettie wrote simulation software in her previous life, but now she splits her time between string of part time jobs, being swim and synchro mom, running trails, and directing ultramarathons for her local running club.

Midwest Mid-Packer vs. HURT 100

I live in Ohio, and while we have a good network of trails here, they are relatively flat and smooth. I can train on a few hills that we have in the area. Those hills might be steep, but not nearly long or technical enough. Besides that, winter in Ohio is cold and often icy.

M-Powered Adventures

Jennifer and I are M-powered runners (Midpack, Middle-Aged, Midwest Moms). We met at a 100 mile race a few years ago and discovered that we lived not too far away from each other. We also have a similar, somewhat flexible schedule.

Respect and Kindness Matter

I am an ultrarunner. I was born in Poland. I have an accent. Some find it charming, some find it annoying. I own it. I live in the Midwest where many people are not use to hearing foreign accents, and for some of my friends I am their token “foreign friend.”

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