Amanda Roe

Amanda Roe

Amanda is a naturopathic doctor based in Portland, Oregon. Her work jam is women’s endocrine regulation, particularly as it pertains to trail-running & endurance medicine. Amanda believes in the healing power of nature and thus gives every patient a “Nature Rx” as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Outside work, she hits the trails before sunrise, stays warm in a rainbow terry cloth track suit, and is raising 2 half-Kiwi kids with her Kiwi husband.Visit Amanda’s website:

Trails and Hearing Loss

“Mama, listen. It’s so quiet. It’s silent.” I was waiting for my son to take a picture of a cool fungus he found growing on the forest floor, and my daughter, in her typical fashion, flew down the trail like a busy little bird. She stopped about 30 yards ahead and yelled back again, “Mama, it’s silent here!”

Amanda Roe

Wellness Goal Setting

Goal-setting. That’s an easy topic for most of us trail runners. The next race, the next adventure run, the next big fat ass* are always at the ready.

Failing Up

Recently, Tracee Ellis-Ross interviewed Michelle Obama, and there was a moment during the interview that gave me pause. More pause and more gratitude. I came

Where to Run in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon Within minutes of landing in Portland, you’re likely to see a bumper sticker, or in some cases, huge murals that beg to “Keep

When the Forest is on Fire

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke.  Where there is a big fire, there is smoke for a long time.  As I type this, the Eagle Creek

The Change We Cannot See

I’ve long said that a change in perspective can do more for my mood and gratitude than any material object. I go to the woods

Nature’s Medicine

Are there more benefits to trail-running verses road–running? That is the question.  Whether you’re a veteran of the trail, or you’ve just gotten the first

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