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In 2017 my partner Justin and I decided to pack our apartment into a storage unit, and instead, reside in a Ram ProMaster van with the intent to tour the USA. Part of this trip was for sheer pleasure and exploration, while the other half was to listen and speak with women who are interested and active in trail running.  We were on the road for 7 months, visited 16 states and 2 countries, and hosted 33 presentations/discussions. On average, about 30 women (and a few men) would attend an event to participate by sharing their thoughts and insights. 

Trail Sisters of Ogden, UT.

The camaraderie was strong, there were lots of laughs, lots of great advice, and lots of new friends. Though I’d call these interactions and events a success, there was a troubling vibe that I would pick up. I also experienced this same vibe in much of the online interaction I had/have with women through the site.

So, what is this mystery vibe?  Self doubt.

All too often we day dream of the things we want to do, places we want to go, and the things we want to change. Our spirits lift, our attitude hits a high, and we are on cloud 9 while thinking of the things that could be. 

Then, somewhere between those 30 minutes of mindful bliss and having to come back to the present, we decide these are silly thoughts, things that can never be, and we toss those dreams out the window. We decide to quit on ourselves. We say things like, “it is what it is” and “if only.” Somewhere along the way in life, we’ve stopped taking a bet on ourselves. We’ve decided to keep dreams as dreams, and have made cozy beds in a house of complacency.

Trail Sisters event at Fairhaven Runners and Walkers in Bellingham, WA.

Many people will say that they can’t chase their dreams because of the responsibilities they have. We all have some form of constraints in life, and sometimes they can really suck. But, don’t let those restrictions limit your ability to get creative…and work around them!

For a laugh and as a good reminder, think of the 10 year old version of you. That kiddo would kick you in the ass if you decided to quit on the things you want in life. When I was 10 I believed nothing was impossible. Just because my parents said I couldn’t fly didn’t mean I wasn’t going to try  šŸ™‚ Sure, that one didn’t work out, but I had a blast trying!

Gina still determined to learn how to fly at the age of 32…

As 2018 goes full throttle, focus on changing your attitude and belief of what you’re capable of. No more thoughts of, “I’m too slow,” “I could never run that far,” “that’s only for fast people,” “I’m too scared to try a race,” etc. You are whatever you want to be, and the only thing stopping you from achieving your day dream, is you. 

I’m hopeful that as I continue to meet and speak with women through or out on the trails, that the underlying self doubt diminishes. I want every woman (and every man), to take a bet on themselves for 2018. I want you to give yourself a chance to be great, and if you do, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Readers Thoughts and Comments:

What have you been guilty of not trying? 

What does 10 year old you, want you to do?

What will you do to battle self doubt?




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  • Lena

    I want to do the rut race in Montana next September, but I live at sea level and am terrified of the altitude!

    • Chelsia

      It’s a TOUGH race! But its so incredibly beautiful and fun that it’s worth the suffering šŸ™‚ Give it a try!!!

  • Kirsten

    Iā€™m doing the Loon mountain challenge! And I am trying to find my first 50 miler!

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