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I’m sure that almost all of us women can relate to this scene to some degree. You’ve just finished your cherished daily run, and are off to work, or a social gathering, or straight to the couch. You peel away the sweat soaked technical garments, and slip into your favorite post run cozy attire. It’s soft, it’s warm, it has a hood, and the deepest pockets lined with soft fuzziness. Meet the BFT Hooded Dress by Toad&Co!


BFT Hooded Dress – Toad&Co

I am a big fan of a post run dress that slips on effortlessly after a run, a race, or when you’re running out the door and don’t have time to put effort into an “outfit.” This dress covers all of my needs, and then some. Here are my favorite features this piece offers up:

  • Plain and simple, it’s CUTE! I love the earthy mahogany color, and the fact it also comes in a deep teal, and charcoal heather. This would be one piece that I would definitely own multiple of in different colors.
  • The sizing is true. I’m wearing a size small in the photo, for reference.


BFT Hooded Dress
  • I can confidently wear it to work or to the tavern without wondering if it’s acceptable for the occasion.
  • Every dress I own has pockets, and these pockets have a couple of great things going for them. They go deep enough that not only my entire hand fits inside with ease, but the majority of my forearm as well. Also great for post run snack storage.


Deep Pockets – Great for post run snacks.
  • Within the pockets is a fuzzy lining that warms my (always) cold hands.
  • The hood that can be cinched down with the drawcord over your head to feel even more cozy as you tuck into it.


Three-pieced hood with drawcord.
  • It moisture wicks really well! The worst thing is feeling your sticky, salty sweat against clothes after physical activity. I don’t feel like I’m marinating in post workout gunk even when I put it on immediately following sweaty run.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but it’s organic cotton fabric just feels better! Knowing the dress is environmentally friendly, and sustainably designed makes me feel great about supporting the purchase.
  • It didn’t shrink after its first wash and dry, but it did fit better.


BFT Hooded Dress – Toad&Co

What I wasn’t the biggest fan of with the dress:

  • It’s a magnet for dog hair. I have two extremely furry pups, and if I don’t give the dress a pat down with the lint roller before I head out, my friends will lovingly brush me off at the office, or the bar. It’s a small price to pay, and totally worth it for what the garment gives back!

If you’re in search of the next best multi-functional garment, this dress has got your back… and your front!

Buy Now: $98.25  $74.21

All photos by: Jeff Fisher 🙂

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Jennifer Love

Jennifer Love

Jennifer Love has identified as a runner since she was a young girl. A life of passion for running brought her through the competitive world of track and cross country through college. She is an athlete ambassador liaison for Trail Butter, an aspiring writer, part time coach, fly fisherwoman, and dog mom to Jack and Juneau.


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