Trail Sisterhood

Growing up I played team sports, I loved team sports. When I was playing team sports, I felt like my real self. No longer was I a social awkward or a tomboy with a lot of enthusiasm, I was a [...]

Tips for Crewing an Ultra

We often read race reports from runners to glean some insight into their training, race prep and race execution. These reports usually include a shout out to their awesome support crew. However, [...]

Assaulted on the Run

A few months ago, I was put in a dangerous situation that rocked my sense of security to the core. I was outside by myself when a car drove by and a man yelled at me as it whizzed by. As a woman, [...]

My Intro to Trail Running

“So, I just go down the street for two miles, and I’ll really just bump into a trailhead?” I asked my trail runner hubby, Bryce. “Yeah, you can’t miss it.  Take the trail all the way down [...]