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An Open Letter to Myself

When you start to get tired and question why you are doing what you are doing, remember all of the moments over the past few months and years spent daydreaming of this. Think about how exciting it was to make all of the lists and plans and preparations to get to where you are.

Iron Deficiency in Female Athletes

Iron is a mineral that aids in transporting oxygen throughout the human body, and is critical not just for performance, but for human survival. Every organ and muscle we have depends on this tiny compound to continue beating, breathing, moving…

Women’s Representation and Awareness

“You’ve got to see it to believe it.” A common saying, or maybe even a cliché, but it’s true. Observing a situation, action or event provides the proof that it’s possible. Sure, there are some who don’t need an experience to believe in what can be, but for others, having that example is what provides comprehension in what they too, can do.

Strength Doesn’t Have to be Solo

Do not tell the self-help world, but I’m not a fan of being vulnerable in any sense of the written definition. Seems to me that vulnerable things in the wild get eaten. Although I would describe myself as an open and sensitive person, but I have always strived to be the antonym of “vulnerable.”

Hydration Packs – Unisex

We recently did a review on women’s specific hydration vests and got great feedback from women who use gender neutral or even men’s specific vests. While we do want to focus on brands that have created women specific gear we also want to provide valuable information to you.

Finding Support in Your Local Community by Overcoming Intimidation

I had never been a runner, per se, although I wished many times I was. I read Born to Run, Eat and Run, and Finding Ultra. These stories had left me with visions of long-distance runs over trails, effortlessly breathing in striking landscapes with my twinkle toes delicately touching down and springing up again.

Meet Moxie the Mountain Lion

Trail Sisters encourages women to embody and embrace the spirit of a mountain lion. We want women to understand that they are a force of nature not only on the trails, but also in society. We want women to appreciate their strength, to recognize their importance and to utilize their power. As mothers, we want women to cherish their ability to nurture, teach and lead. And finally, we want women to fearlessly speak up and use their voices… with reckless abandon if they choose! 🙂

Tara Butler

Jessica Dean

Sarah Gordon

Richmond, Virginia

Alison McDole

Stoughton, Wisconsin

Allison Keltner

San Diego, California

Ester Kendall

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