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A Running Career Well-Run (On All Four Legs)

We must have looked like a traveling circus barreling down the road. My three and one-year-old daughters giggled and clapped while singing at the top of their lungs from the double jogging stroller, flanked on either side by a 65-pound Weimaraner dog gracefully trotting with a long tongue falling out the side of their smile.

Recovery Footwear Review

Let’s dig into recovery, specifically recovery footwear and recovery sandals. Are they necessary? Well, that’s up for debate…but I think it is a fair bet your feet will be stoked to slide out of your sweaty running shoe or hiking boots and into a pair of comfortable, airy sandals after you’re run or hike.

Live Free or Die: Nonstop Run Across NH

In preparations for Run4Water, my attempt to run 130-miles nonstop across Maine for a clean water project in Tanzania, these legs have lots of strides to take and miles to log before then. Most of my long training runs have been exploring local trails & finding routes near home.

Trail Shoe Round Up: Brooks Running

Let’s chat about Brooks Running! There is no denying I’m madly in love with the Brooks Chaser shorts and tank top, so why not rave about their shoes? My first experience with Brooks was as a

World Senior Games: My First Competition

October 19, 2018, I ran the Huntsman World Senior Games 10k from Snow Canyon Park to the city park in Ivins, Utah (near St. George). Over 11,000 seniors (ages 50-almost 100) participate over the next two weeks in almost every sport imaginable, from running to swimming to tennis to basketball to archery and many more.

Where to Run in: Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia sits about 1.5 hours southwest of Atlanta on the Chattahoochee River. The city borders Alabama and is near Fort Benning. An impressive array of paved running paths abound, most notably the Chattahoochee River Walk and Fall Line Trace.

5 Unusual Things Ultrarunning has Taught Me

There are certain books written about all the things running will/can/could/should/would teach you. But there are a handful of notions that I find funny or liberating that I’d like to highlight from my own (not-so-graceful) journey.

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