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The Satisfaction of Spectating

It has been an atypical running year for me. Usually I average one race a month with a couple key races a year to which my training is focused. But...
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Dirt Ribbon Lessons

“Mom, do we HAVE to keep going,” eight year old Erik whined. Our little nature walk/hike this day was purely selfish on my part as I’ve been working on post-race...
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Running Through Divorce

by: Tara Eckenrode There was a night in February where my life hit rock bottom. I was curled up, sobbing on the shower floor of a grimy hotel in San...
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A Lesson in What it Means to “Work with What You Have”

Every time my right foot contacts the ground, a surge of pain makes me wince. Despite the ache, I keep running because I want this run. In fact, I need...
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This is 53.

by Sophie Speidel Last December, I spent my 53rd birthday finishing my tenth Hellgate 100K. That race, which starts at midnight in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in the...
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So Strong When Being Most Vulnerable.

So Strong When Being Most Vulnerable. One would think that with all the mental and physical strength required to run 100 miles, in the days immediately following there would be...
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Strictly speaking, balance is defined as the ability to remain upright and steady due to an even distribution of weight. This is definitely applicable for most trail runners – although...
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