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Learning to be Courageous

As I was getting out of the car at my favorite trailhead after a long commute home from work, all I wanted was to move my body underneath the bright sun before we both tucked in for the evening. There was nothing special about it, just my regular Tuesday run through the forest.

Imposter Syndrome Keeps Women from Dreaming Big at Ultras

I’ve seen the question asked many times throughout the past few years. Why are there less women competing at races over the 50k distance? The answer is complex and multifaceted, but to really find the answer we need to understand the psychological experience that women have when they participate in a sport where they are under-represented.

Tips from a 50 Mile First-Timer

“Was it fun?” asked race director Todd Hacker a few hours after I had completed my first 50 miler, Mountain Masochist Trail Run (MMTR). I paused, not quite sure how to respond. During my three hour solo drive home, I had plenty of time to contemplate my response.

Entry Barriers: A Historic Battle for Women’s Equality

Every time I start typing this article I get hung up with the intro,  I want to focus on addressing the entry barriers preventing women from exploring the outdoors, but I can’t seem to get there unless I include issues with inequality, and the history of our society.

2019 Running Skirt Review

We’re in the midst of full blown summer…which means many of us have pulled our summery sundresses to the front of our wardrobe. Even if you’re not a dress person, you know when “sundress weather” arrives simply because it makes you smile as you frolic along the trails. Your sundress may not be the best trail run attire option, so we’re here to review the next best option — running skirts!

Meet Moxie the Mountain Lion

Trail Sisters encourages women to embody and embrace the spirit of a mountain lion. We want women to understand that they are a force of nature not only on the trails, but also in society. We want women to appreciate their strength, to recognize their importance and to utilize their power. As mothers, we want women to cherish their ability to nurture, teach and lead. And finally, we want women to fearlessly speak up and use their voices… with reckless abandon if they choose! 🙂

Danielle Snyder

Lisa Pozzoni

Mesa, Arizona

Elinor Fish

Carbondale, Colorado

Rose Waldeier

Thea Gavin

Maria Dalzot

Bellingham, Washington

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