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  • Flatirons Group Run

Good to Great: You Should Really Try a Run Club

by Kaitlynn Morgan Back when I lived in California and didn’t really have a clue as to what I was doing with running… I took a chance and went to...
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  • Darcy Piceu and Sophia at Hardrock

Raising the Next Generation of Trail Blazers

by Katelynn Wagner Being lovers of all things outdoors, we know how much connecting with nature helps us cope with our modern (not so nature centered) lifestyles. But all too...
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  • Heidi-Kumm-Silver-Linings

The Silver Linings of Injuries

No one wants to be injured, ever. Most of us wouldn’t even wish a full blown injury onto our worst enemies. Injuries are miserable + they throw a big ol’...
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  • Ashley Arnold stands before Thomas Lake admiring Mt. Sopris looming above.


Austin and I moved from Boulder, CO, to Asheville, NC, in late spring this year. We were ready to leave and Appalachia called us. To be honest, I’m still not...
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  • going-to-the-extreme-diet-drama-maria

Going to the Extreme: Diet Drama

We are living in a day and age of extremes − extreme violence, extreme weather, even extreme sports (the 200 mile is the new 100 mile?!). There are also extreme...
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  • sister-spotlight-jen-zubernick

Jen Zubernick

Hello my sisters! I’d like to nominate my amazing friend Jen Zubernick for the trail sister spotlight. She just finished a solo thru-hike of the John Muir Trail, capping off...
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  • when-to-run-relax-by-the-beach

When to Run and When to Rest

I always marvel at those runners who are able to race back to back events. Part of me wishes I could do that. The reality is there are few athletes than...

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  • heart-shaped-rock

Strength and Love From the Trail

Although her death was certain, nothing quite prepares you for the void of loss. It's been an emotion struggle; most of which I deal with privately. And when I can't...

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  • how-the-hardrock-100-jason-schlarb

How the Hardrock 100 Embodies Trail Running’s Best Attributes

The number of people who run 100-mile races is tiny--less than 10,000 a year by one estimate--relative to the 8 million Americans who trail run.

And fewer still have...

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