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Caution: Objects in Mirror are Not as Healthy as They Appear

Why is it normal for human beings to be so critical and to speak so freely, so unapologetically, of other people’s bodies? This has become even more prevalent in the world of athletics, particularly running, and has unfortunately helped fuel a community of unhealthy habits, body image issues, and insecurities.

Fleece Jacket Review

When you think of fleece what comes to mind? In most cases words like warm, cozy, and fuzzy jump into your mind. You would not be wrong. But…the term “fleece” actually covers a LOT of ground in the outdoor world.

Women-Hosted Podcasts for a Solo Run

Unsurprisingly, popular podcasts are overwhelmingly hosted by men. About one in three of the top 480 podcasts are hosted by women. This article aims to address the gender gap in podcast hosting by sharing seven outdoorsy podcasts I love hosted by women.

Amanda Roe

Wellness Goal Setting

Goal-setting. That’s an easy topic for most of us trail runners. The next race, the next adventure run, the next big fat ass* are always at the ready.

Holiday Gift Guide

We are going to share some of our favorite off-the-trail items…those things we want in our lives but often wait for a special occasion to request or acquire. Some of these items will be useful on the trails as well.

Sister Spotlight: Aarti

Women interviewed for this series are dedicated runners and hikers who consider trail running and training for competitions to be a part of their lifestyle, whether they’re elite athletes or back-of-the-packers. These women have a passion for competitive trail running or hiking, set and exceed personal goals, and live the mission of Trail Sisters by inspiring, educating, and/or empowering other athletes.

Nebo Scenic Byway FKT & Interrogating My Privilege to Run

Early on a Friday morning in June, when the air was still fresh and cool, I started up the Nebo Scenic Byway, a 35-mile road that wound up the Uintas behind Payson, Utah. The day, June 5, 2020, would have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday had she not been murdered in her home.

Navigating the Holidays

Although meant to be a time of joy and thanks, the holidays can be stressful for many people, and runners are no exception! This year the holidays may look different, which may bring about different types of stress.

We want women to feel included and encouraged to play on the trails, no matter their pace or mode of foot-to-dirt powered activity.

Darcy Piceu

Erin Flynn

Danielle Snyder

Brittany Aäe

Alison McDole

Stephanie Bales

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