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An Ode to the Weekend Warrior

The female sex is so often guilty of comparing ourselves to others. It’s a known phenomenon among Kardashian followers, Instagram models, Pinterest moms, and I’d argue it’s probably true of a lot of us Trail Sisters.

Running Your Best After Menopause

One thing I love about trail running, and especially ultrarunning, is the chance to talk in depth about a variety of topics for hours on the trail. On any given day these might include parenting issues, the next race on the calendar, training pitfalls, injury prevention, and female body systems.

The Choice

Like last month, I’m equal parts disappointed and relieved.  On one hand, I wanted to get on with it.  On the other, I’m excited to crack a beer and plot tomorrow’s adventure.  I’m not pregnant yet.  Darn, and also phew.

Des Canyon Vista

Own Your Sisterhood

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” – Anne Sweeney What makes a Trail Sister?  Are there requirements one must meet to join

casey running

I’ve Only Run This Once Before…

Almost exactly two years ago, I was on these trails – running my first ultramarathon since giving birth to my daughter sixteen months prior. I was still “bouncing back” from my third pregnancy and excited to

Meet Moxie the Mountain Lion

Trail Sisters encourages women to embody and embrace the spirit of a mountain lion. We want women to understand that they are a force of nature not only on the trails, but also in society. We want women to appreciate their strength, to recognize their importance and to utilize their power. As mothers, we want women to cherish their ability to nurture, teach and lead. And finally, we want women to fearlessly speak up and use their voices… with reckless abandon if they choose! 🙂

Thea Gavin

Ashley Hunter Arnold

Asheville, North Carolina

Ester Kendall

Taylor White

Breckenridge, Colorado

Karla Ramirez

Lisa Pozzoni

Mesa, Arizona

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