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What All Women Should Know When Training for a Race

It’s so helpful to set intentions, make commitments, and look ahead towards the things you want to do! However, I’ve learned it’s also key to have a plan (but not to fall in love with the plan). What do I mean by this?

The Importance of Planning Your Recovery

It’s two and a half months since I ran 800 miles and set the supported Fastest Known Time (FKT) for women on the Arizona Trail (AZT) and today is the day that I completed my first long-ish run since then. It’s been a long and tortuous road to get to this point.

2020 Shorts Review

I have gone into detail on the shorts then talked about the best parts, what I would change if I could and how they feel on my body. I also did some measuring as well — both for the shorts inseam and the overall length of the shorts.

How to Thrive in Your First Year as a Momlete

The first run after my son was born was the most liberating and downright ridiculous run of my adult life. I was barely able to run a mile and was delirious from the sleep deprivation, but with the green light from my midwife, I was not going to miss out on this opportunity.

The Power of Your Mind

Growing up I was an incredibly active child. I spent my summers hiking and my winters skiing. When I wasn’t in the mountains, I was either running, playing soccer, basketball, or really any sport I could find. Up until the time I was 18 I never thought much about fitness or its relationship with food, it all just came naturally.

How to Choose a Hike

I don’t know about any of you, but whenever I’m posed with choosing a show or movie to watch on Netflix, Hulu, or whatever of the like, I get so stinking overwhelmed. I just scroll and scroll and scroll. Everything seems interesting enough and yet, nothing looks interesting at the same time.

Lessons and Barefoot Adventures

I’m 58 and still learning what my feet have to tell me. And they’ve had a lot more to say since I stopped wearing shoes on the trail back in 2010.

Finding Simplicity and Gratitude in Running

Last spring I ran the Diez Vista 50km trail race. Around 30km into the race, I was about to start on a long out-and-back section. I had run this part of the course before and was dreading the slog up the unrelenting undulating hills in a rainstorm.

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