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Why Voting Matters

On August 18th, 1920 the Nineteenth Amendment of the US Constitution was ratified, granting women the right to vote. Though it granted this right, there were still many barriers in place preventing Black and Native American women the ability to vote.

The Perks of Being a Back of the Pack Runner

Even on a good day, I can feel self-conscious about my pace. I tend to identify as a “jogger” for fear that the term “runner” would be an inaccurate portrayal of my ability. As for any sport, there is inevitably a gradient in the ability of participants. I don’t like the connotation of the word “slow,” but I am certainly on that side of the running-speed spectrum.

The Race for Our Lives: America’s Maternal Mortality Crisis

While the global maternity mortality rate has dropped by 44 percent worldwide between 1990 and 2015, and by 48 percent in developed countries, the US is one of only 13 nations who has seen its maternal death rate rise. That’s the US, as in the United States of America, as in a first-world developed country, as in the people who, half a century ago, sent a man to the fucking moon.

When Smoke Fills the Air

*Updated from the 2017 article “When the Forest is on Fire” Feature Photo: Jeff Fisher Where there’s fire, there’s smoke.  Where there is a big fire, there is smoke for a long time.  As I write this,

Trail and Hiking Shoe Round Up: Salomon

In this review we review three trail running shoes — Wildcross, Sense Ride 3, Sense 4 W /Pro. These are all solid trail running shoes with each pair being designed for a different type of runner.

How to Train for Hiking in an Urban Environment

In the ideal world, we’d all live right next to a nature preserve with miles of glorious trails to explore. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. Many of us live in urban areas without

Survival Sunrises

Traumatic experiences are inevitable in our lifetimes, this is just the unfortunate truth. Every person’s experience is different including how you and I process it. For some, grief can be utilized as an agent of strength. For others, it can cripple them for days, months or even years.

Merrell X Trail Sisters

We want women to feel included and encouraged to play on the trails, no matter their pace or mode of foot-to-dirt powered activity.

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