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Big Goals, the Right Tools and Leadership

Running long distance gives you a lot of time to think, and as I jogged through my first 50-mile ultra-marathon in March, I reflected on a few things I learned along the journey to both the start and finish lines of the event.

Wind Jacket Review

Windbreakers have come a long way since…well, since we actually called them windbreakers and wore them with wind pants. These days you’ll hear them being called “wind jackets” or “wind shells” but we still wear them to break the wind’s vicious attacks away from our bodies.

Backpacking Safety and Awareness

Backpacking in and of itself is a fairly safe hobby. You can of course make it more “epic” by certain choices you make. Being out on trails is generally safer than the streets of a major city. This is by far not a comprehensive guide to safety in the outdoors. It should, however, get you thinking and researching which will help you be more prepared for the next time you head out!

I’m Not a Runner

“I’m not a runner.” How many times have you made that statement? Or how many times have you heard someone else say it? Have you ever invited a friend to go running with you, or along on a group run, only to hear the words, “Oh, I don’t run. I’m not a runner.”

How Running Helps Me with Being Single Surrounded by Married Friends

For years I struggled with being the third wheel (or in my case, the fifth wheel) in my family when my younger sister, who is basically my twin, got married. It felt like it was two couples and me, always the awkward additional person who wasn’t married.

Supporting Your Health and Immunity During a Global Pandemic

At times staying healthy can seem entirely overwhelming, and even impossible for those who don’t have immediate access to groceries and medical supplies. It’s important for us to keep our health goals in perspective during this time, and to focus on what we can control in our daily lives that maintains our health both physically and mentally.

Trail Shoe Roundup : Saucony

Saucony has been making trail running shoes for years and this past year they came out with some big updates on their go-to trail shoes. We are going to go into detail on the new technologies they are using as well as how the shoes fit according to my feet.

Finding Peace with an Injury During the Pandemic

For me, running has always been the way I have dealt with things. Especially the things that are out of my control. It is how I have dealt with grief, stress, and anxiety. I am often heard saying, “I’ll go run about it or let me run it out” when challenging things come my way or when dealing with a difficult situation.

Trail Sisters X Merrell

In an effort to create a more complete and sound outdoor community Trail Sisters will be including hiking and backpacking in our future coverage!
We want women to feel included and encouraged to play on the trails, no matter their pace or mode of foot-to-dirt powered activity.

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