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Getting Out the Door

There are a multitude of reasons why it can be tough to get out the door. What is helpful to know is that everyone* feels this way from time to time. Training towards any goal involves a series of wonderful and awful runs with most of them feeling somewhere in the middle.

Women’s Hydration Vest Review

A hydration vest is an essential part of our running gear, especially when we start adding miles to our trail-ventures. As women we cannot simply grab any old hydration vest and expect it to fit us, even when it is women’s specific.

A Miscarriage and a New Life

In 2017, my husband and I had been married for 4 years. We never thought we wanted children, but something happened that year and we decided to go for it. Within a month of stopping birth control, I became pregnant.

Take the Chance

The eighteen year old me would never recognize the woman I have become. She would have scoffed at me. Too obsessed in her own life, to what others thought of her and where the next party was. These days, at 32 years old, the only line I care about is the one that will get me down the mountain.

Respect and Kindness Matter

I am an ultrarunner. I was born in Poland. I have an accent. Some find it charming, some find it annoying. I own it. I live in the Midwest where many people are not use to hearing foreign accents, and for some of my friends I am their token “foreign friend.”

The Freedom to Go Shirt Free

“I wish I could run in just a sports bra.” I’ve heard this statement or some variation countless times from women, and if you’ve ever thought this, I have some great news for you – YOU CAN!

Meet Moxie the Mountain Lion

Trail Sisters encourages women to embody and embrace the spirit of a mountain lion. We want women to understand that they are a force of nature not only on the trails, but also in society. We want women to appreciate their strength, to recognize their importance and to utilize their power. As mothers, we want women to cherish their ability to nurture, teach and lead. And finally, we want women to fearlessly speak up and use their voices… with reckless abandon if they choose! 🙂

Jackie St. Louis

Boston, Massachusetts

Becky Wood

Megan Lizotte

San Diego, California

Mary Davy

Emily Fife

Phoenix, Arizona

Virginia Reinert

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