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Head Full of Doubt, Trail Full of Promise

Take a second to conjure up an image of someone being a boss on the trails. Maybe you pictured an ultra-runner, a skilled hiker, or someone whose IG account you admire. Maybe it’s a good friend or a running group. Did you picture someone who is doing their best and is still finding their way? Did you picture yourself?


Sometime this fall I hit rock-bottom. I was scraping the barrel of fitness on a sunny weekend trail run, with my heart gurgle-beating in my chest like it had sprung a leak from trying so hard. My breath, constricted in tight lungs, made a little wheezy sound when I tried to tell my friends to leave me.

When your BFF/BRF Is Training ‘Better’ Than You

Do you have that best friend forever or best running friend who you train with, make race plans with and ultimately know they’ll generally always be down for an adventure no matter what? We do- it’s each other, and we know how it can feel when the other of us is sidelined, whether it’s due to injury, life (work, family, etc.) or just lack of interest in training at that time.

A Beautiful DNF

I was locked into the sound of my breath, the trail under my feet and my desire to catch the sun from the summit before it dipped down below the trees. While my legs were still working after 40 miles, I knew when I hit that summit, I was going to let my crew know my day was over.

Getting Off Social Media

I had recently taught my daughters what the word “hypocrite” means, and you better believe my oldest, the 9-year-old, responded in faux innocence, “Is that like when you tell someone they are too young for a phone and social media, but you check yours all the time and spend too much time on Instagram?”

ASK TS : Solo Adventure Precautions

I enjoy adventuring on the trails (both hiking and running) but am always doing it solo. What do you do to keep yourself safe, or what precautions do you take?

TS Panel of Experts!

I’m excited to announce and celebrate 18 extraordinary women who make up our Ask the Trail Sisters panel of experts. These kick-butt women will be answering inquires from community members, providing their best suggestions, tips, and advice.  As we know,

How to Get Started with Hiking

I recently asked my audience on Instagram what their number one question was with regard to hiking. One of the most popular responses was, “How do I even get started?” I’ve been a hiker for nearly two decades at this point, but today I’m taking it all the way back to the beginning with a focus on how to dip your toes into the water…or in this case, dirt.

We want women to feel included and encouraged to play on the trails, no matter their pace or mode of foot-to-dirt powered activity.

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