Trail Sisters Journal

Situational Awareness: For Safety and Community

With the influx of trail users in recent months, I am often amazed at how many walkers, runners, and cyclists are willfully isolating themselves by talking on the phone, listening on headphones, or talking to their companion.

Let Yourself be Imperfect

I don’t know how to slow down and take it easy. Why is it so hard to relax? This is a loaded question I’ve asked myself nearly every day since quarantine started. I’m supposed to be savoring this time to enjoy the little things by staying close to home and catching up on forgotten tasks, but I just can’t help wanting to pick up the pace.

The Porpoise and the Greyhound

“You have to embrace the porpoise to unleash your healthy inner greyhound.” I was puzzled by my friend’s note, after I’d informed him that my physical therapist said, “No running.” I’d torn my left hamstring; the injured area throbbed with sharp, shooting pain.

A Tribute to All the “Slow” Runners

No matter how fast or slow you are, there’s so much you can learn from people who are middle of the pack or considered “slow” in comparison to other runners. If you tend to be a faster runner, you may be likely to forget what your “slower” friends can teach you. I know that I was definitely in that boat.

Trail Diversity

The everyday notion of diversity is how human beings vary from one another. Gender, class, race, age, sexuality, and nationality are prime examples. Now, I know talking about diversity when it comes to race can make people uncomfortable. However, the truth of the matter is that it is something that we need to discuss.

Recovery Tools Review

We spend a lot of time talking about training, whether it’s on the trails or in the gym. Training is a huge part of how we get better at what we do. However, if all we focus on is training we’ll never spend any time recovering and recovery is ESSENTIAL!


Life for runners has been different lately. Instead of running in groups and carpooling to races, we’re running alone in places we might’ve previously considered boring. The other day, I ran circles around an office park because it was the only place I could find where there weren’t many people.

Trail Shoe Roundup : Merrell

Merrell started out as a hiking boot company in the 1980’s. They focused on creating an affordable option for technical hiking boots where they created four goals for each pair of hiking boots — comfort, design, durability, and versatility. As the company grew they expanded their line of footwear to include hiking shoes, running shoes, trail running shoes, and more.

In an effort to create a more complete and sound outdoor community Trail Sisters will be including hiking and backpacking in our future coverage!
We want women to feel included and encouraged to play on the trails, no matter their pace or mode of foot-to-dirt powered activity.

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