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Nutrition for Menstruating Athletes

Many women end up dreading this monthly cycle, feeling like they have no control over its effects on training, performance, or life in general. When we learn how our bodies change and fluctuate throughout this cycle, we gain better control over how it affects our lives.

Running Through Breast Cancer

I am a runner. I am also a Breast Cancer Survivor. It is still hard to say and write that second sentence down, but it is as true as that first sentence. It has been six years since my initial diagnosis, which was a whirlwind to begin with; it all happened so fast and of course so surreal.

To All the Hills I’ve Ever Loved

We all have certain hills that are forever burned in our memory — ones we’ve revisited, ones that we share with others, ones that incite laughter at the very thought, ones that make us a little sad, and ones that gently remind you to stay true to yourself — and those memories help define our trail running experience.

Finding “Home” Along the Lebanon Mountain Trail

Defining “home” is no simple task, with its seemingly transient fabric in the modern age that leaves many of us with a deep-rooted yearning for belonging. I was raised in Dubai to Syrian-Lebanese ex-pats who later immigrated to the US in support of a more secure and thriving future for my sister and I.

Midwest Mid-Packer vs. HURT 100

I live in Ohio, and while we have a good network of trails here, they are relatively flat and smooth. I can train on a few hills that we have in the area. Those hills might be steep, but not nearly long or technical enough. Besides that, winter in Ohio is cold and often icy.

Grandmaster Newbie: Can I Get My Groove Back?

Distance running has been my source of self-confidence and strength since age 12. It’s something for which I’ve been recognized; it’s made me feel good within my body, and through quirks of fate running has afforded me many wonderful life experiences that I’ll always cherish. It’s also helped me be a much more pleasant person than perhaps otherwise (most of the time).

Winter Kit Round-Up

Winter is raging on as I add the finishing touches to this review. I’m not just saying that to set the mood for a conversation about snow-worthy gear either. From my desk I can see swirling snow and my phone keeps reminding me we’re in the midst of a winter storm warning.

Orienteering: Racing with a Map and Compass

Checking my map and my compass, I quickly assess my route options. I can either gain quite a bit of elevation to get to a clean trail that will take me to the cluster of thick bushes I have to find, or I can go down just a bit, through a forest, cross a stream and climb just slightly up through a clearing to the bushes.

Trail Sisters X Merrell

In an effort to create a more complete and sound outdoor community Trail Sisters will be including hiking and backpacking in our future coverage!
We want women to feel included and encouraged to play on the trails, no matter their pace or mode of foot-to-dirt powered activity.

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